Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Thrifting Shopping Day

I woke up mad early today.
I had mad early and healthy breakfast.

I visited my aunt at her store and then went to Christmas thrifting shopping.
It's Thursday and it was 11am when I arrived at Unique.
There were so many people there!!!

These are what I got today :) :) :)

Christmas Tea Cup Sets
Can't wait to have green tea latte or sweet potato latte in these cups with my hubby!

Precious Moments Christmas Candle and Reindeer
It's sugar cookie candle!!! Hmmmmmmmmm!!!
I will need to think where I'm gonna put this reindeer :p

Christmas Cards, Deer, Pot Coaster and Picture by Anne Geddes

Santas and Christmas Tree trays
I got to pick 2 types of Christmas chocolate 
and my hubby got to pick 2 types of Christmas chocolate yesterday.
I put all my Christmas chocolates in the Christmas tree glasses and the star glass but I couldn't put my hubby's chocolate 
since I didn't have enough space. 
I bought 2 more trays for my hubby's chocolate today :)

More ornaments
My Christmas tree will be so happy :)

Vinyl Records
Bill Cosby, Jesus Christ Superstar and Christmas Carols :)


  1. The Christmas decorations are oh so cute! My grandmother-in-law sent us some decorations as something to use for our own traditions.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. @ beautesombre - Thank you so much! My mother-in-law gave my hubby's ornaments but he can not find them! We hope to find them before Christmas!!! Thank you for sharing :D


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