Saturday, December 31, 2011


There are some reasons why I hate zombies.
1. They are ugly.
2. They are scary.
3. They eat humans.

I got my hubby the 1st season of "The Walking Dead" for Christmas
and we started watching it last night.
We watched 2 episodes. I'm so proud of myself!

Christmas Dinner AGAIN - Vietnamese Wrap

My hubby and I invited mom and dad(my in-laws) last night :D
We had vietnamese wrap :D
It was the first time to have them for mom and dad and they loved it.
(They had summer rolls at the vietnamese noodle restaurant though.)
I consider vietnamese wrap as a healthy food - lots of vegetables.
I made this for my hubby when we were dating like couple years ago 
and he liked it a lot too :D

(I guess I bought too many Christmas plates so I used them last night.
I guess you can call it "Christmas Dinner AGAIN". :D 

I sliced avocado, bell peppers
(I like it to be pretty so I bought orange, green, yellow and red bell peppers)
cucumber, crabmeat, radish and pineapples.
I steamed bean sprouts and fried some eggs and sliced them also.
(Slicing these took almost one and half hours.)
I made bulogi(beef) and teriyaki shrimp.
(I just bought ground beef, frozen shrimp, bulogi sauce and teriyaki sauce.
I marinated ground beef with bulogi sauce for 10 hours
and frozen shrimp with teriyaki sauce for 1 hour.)

These are the rice papers
They are crispy before you soak them in the hot water.

Soak one piece of the rice paper in the hot water for 10 - 15 seconds.
(It depends on the temperature of the water.)

Now it's very soft. Put it on the plate.

Pick whatever you want to eat.

Put them together on the soft rice paper.

Wrap it up.

Add some peanut sauce.
(or if you like spicy food, add some Sriracha with peanut sauce.)

After dinner, my hubby and dad played Janggi that my hubby bought when we were in Korea. 
He taught dad how to play last night :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I finally went to the Social Security Office today!!!
I've been keeping telling my hubby to get a tattoo of my last name
since I'm losing mine!
Well, Ok. I'm not losing it. My last name became my middle name as of today.
I think it would be so nice if my hubby get my last name tattooed!
I hope he will do it :D


I don't understand why you are so mean.
You curse, yell and even lie sometimes. Plus you are so stubborn.
I hate that.
I hope you don't mind that I painted you pink.

Oh and this is my second try to do ddalki diary with my awesome Bamboo Capture :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas Part 2

I love that Christmas presents are getting piled up :)

Told you everybody knows that I love mustache :p

Oh, Maverick, Maverick!

My awesome hubby got me another awesome Christmas present!
OMG!!! I've been practicing a little bit.
My dad(father-in-law) is a great guitar player 
so he's gonna teach me how to play guitar :) :) :)  
I'm not good at it right now 
but as long as I practice everyday, I hope I will be like my dad someday :)

The more I see Maverick, the more I want a puppy!

We had tons of dessert too :)

We sang some Christmas songs while my dad was playing guitar :)

I had some rum eggnog :) Wow!! I want this everyday!

We played some boardgames :)

Merry Christmas Part 1

It's 10:41pm on Wednesday.
It was a VERY BUSY DAY!!!
My hubby and I celebrated Jesus' birthday with the family on the 26th(this Monday).
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)
I gotta tell you,,, I must've been a very very very good girl!
I got lots of good presents :) YAY!!

This is Christmas tree at my in-laws' and look at those presents!!!

Before we started opening the presents, we had brunch. :D

Hello, Maverick!

Of course I made these awesome hot dog pretzel :)
Thank you, Violet!

Ok!!! It's time to open the presents!!!

Lambchop was reindeer for 10 seconds :p

Maverick is so cute!

Hubby was reindeer for 3 or 4 hours :p

I got a Very She & Him Christmas record!!!
I don't like Zooey Deschanel since I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and also she was a horrible character in (500) Days of Summer.
This is the movie where I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Even thought I dislike her, I kinda like her voice when she sings.

Munchstaches!!! Everybody knows that I love mustache!

Can't wait to make these!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Hello, everyone!
I hope had a Merry Christmas :)
My hubby and I went over my in-laws' house to open Christmas presents yesterday.
I took 287129841897 pictures from yesterday but I got home late last night
and I had to work today.
Now my hubby and I are going to my friends' house to have dinner
so here are some sneak peek of what happened yesterday :)

Yes, of course, I baked more cupcakes :)

Look what my hubby got me! Another present!!!!!
I'm the happiest wife in the whole world :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

On Christmas Day

So my awesome hubby got me Bamboo Capture.
It comes with some softwares called "Photoshop Elements" and "Sketchbook Express".
I already have Photoshop CS4 so I didn't install Photoshop Elements.
I installed Sketchbook Express and loved it.
I'm still trying to learn and get familiar with the tools.
Here is the first drawing that I did with my awesome Bamboo Capture.
I kinda messed it up I drew it in Sketchbook Express 
but painted it in Photoshop.

On Christmas Morning

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

I found the present that my hubby got me for Christmas :)

THANK YOU! hubby!

I got my hubby 
2. a Korean movie DVD called "JSA : Joint Security Area"
3. The Walking Dead Blu-ray DVD.  

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