Monday, August 19, 2013

Audrey's Recent Pictures

Audrey is 3 weeks 3 days old today :)
To me, she's still so tiny and small!
All she does is sleep, eat, cry and poop.

She seems to have colic so she wakes up middle of night and cries and screams.
I was very stressful when it first happened since I didn't know why she cried and screamed.
(When she screams, you don't believe that loud screaming sound comes out of her tiny body!)
Thankfully, she didn't cry or scream last night but cried for 2 hours this morning.

My hubby and my parents have been great help for me and Audrey.
I'm so thankful for them.
Here are some Audrey's pictures taken by my dad :)

I will post some more pictures later when I have some free time 
or should I say "IF" I have some free time :p

Hope you are having awesome summer!

She does look like an angel when she's sleeping :)

She is cute when she is awake and doesn't cry :)

Her face and her whole body turn really red when she cries and screams!!!

Most of time, I breast feed her but sometimes, I give her the pumped milk :)

Thank you for making me a mommy, Audrey.
This is new to me but I promise that I will do my best :)
Love you!


  1. She is beautiful! I hope her colic goes away soon!


    1. Thank you, Becky!
      It seems like colic has been improving!! YAY!!
      Thank you so much!

  2. she's so adorable. she's so tiny!!

    1. Thank you, unnie! She's getting bigger and bigger!

  3. yes, so tiny! love that last one, looking at the camera! :)

    1. Thank you :)
      On the last picture, she was like "What are you doing? Put that camera away from me!!"

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats :)


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