Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Snack/Chili Party

My hubby, Hope and I visited Tammy and John's house yesterday :)
I wore my lovely pink glitter Toms :D
My toes were super happy!

This is Slinky. He is Tammy's kitty.
I haven't seen him forever. It was so good to see him and FEEL HIM.
He's so SOFT!

Tammy and John fed us with good food!!

This is Tammy and John's dog, Maverick.
Last time when I saw him, he was a puppy but now he's such a big dog!
I guess he was so excited to see us :D

Maverick liked dancing with my hubby and I didn't mind it. :p

While Maverick and my hubby were dancing, Slinky was just chillin'.

I think Maverick wants my Toms :p

We played this game for the first time and it was fun!
I wrote "Nothing displays a man's character more so than
when he...... marries to a wrong girl" :p

Tammy and John cooked veggie chili for me :D
It was so good!! They even packed the leftovers and gave them to me :)
I feel so loved!!

I love Slinky so much!

After the game, we watched "Four Christmases".
I don't like Reese Witherspoon so I didn't think I would like this movie 
but it was better than I'd expected.
Vince Vaughn is hilarious!

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