Monday, December 19, 2011

Cook and Enjoy it!

While I was in Korea for 2 months, 
my mama taught me how to cook some of Korean food.
One of them was "Japchae".(It's my hubby's favorite Korean food!)
I made Japchae like 2 years ago and it was not good at all.
That's why I hadn't made this since then.
My mama showed me how to make it and last week, I made it.
It turned out really good. I mean so good!!!
I like it and my hubby loves it :)

My hubby and I went to Great American Buffet for lunch yesterday.
When we cleaned our house over the weekend, we picked the movies, books and games that we don't use anymore and went to McKay Used Books.
We sold them for $97!! YAY!!
Great American Buffet happened to be right next to McKay Used Books.
The food was good. 
We ate a lot there and that's why I skipped dinner last night!

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