Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas at Home :)

I've mentioned that I've been depressed.
To get over with it, my hubby and I went to Christmas shopping yesterday.
Christmas shopping for our house.
We are done with Christmas shopping for family and friends like a week ago(YAY!).

My hubby and I've decided to get only one present for each other and help the poor. 
Christmas is Jesus' birthday and I think sometimes, Christmas can be too commercial.
Since it's our 1st Christmas since we got married, I suggested my hubby to donate to World Vision.
If you'd like to help the poor in this Christmas, please click here.

Here are some Christmas decoration at our home :)
Christmas tree glasses and Christmas chocolate!!!

Star glass and more Christmas chocolate!

Christmas tree and Christmas presents!! 

I know I've already posted this ornament but I love this too much!
Our first Christmas  Together 2011 Precious Moments

Classic Barbie ornament :D

I thought our Christmas tree was too girly for my hubby to handle, 
so I bought this Captain America ornament for him :p

Oh...Fudge..... ornament!!!!!!!
Christmas Story is my No. 1 Christmas movie like I've mentioned here.

Harajuku Lovers Jingle G ornament :D

Noah's Ark ornament :D

Silver Bell :)
Ribbon + Silver bell = my hubby's idea!!! (g*e*n*i*u*s!!!)
Please excuse my ugly outfit :p

 We bought a simple wreath and add some silver strings 
and made a ribbon and attached it to the wreath. 
My hubby and I are very proud of me :)

:D :D :D

Merry Christmas plates!
I need to bake some cookies now :D

It's wonderful life - It's my hubby's favorite Christmas movie.
I've seen this movie 2 times but never liked it.
It's not like I hate it. 
I'm just not a huge fan of black and white film movie.
I guess I will watch this with my hubby to see if I will like it this time :)


  1. a christmas story is my favorite christmas movie too! sooo good : ) everything looks so nice & christmasy in your home! i love the photo of you two together : )

  2. @ lina - I'm planning to watch some Christmas movies with my hubby this weekend :) YAY!! Thank you for the compliment :) You are so sweet!


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