Friday, December 23, 2011

Woori Soogi

I took Woori Soogi to Tammy and John's house yesterday.
Woori Soogi loved their Christmas tree :D

Jane: You look scared. Is everything ok?
Slinky: Ummm, no!!!!

Jane: What's wrong?
Slinky: Who the heck is on my roof?
Jane: Oh! That's Woori Soogi. She's very nice. You will like her.
Slinky: o2ujhwdejq;dk hoqwkl!!!

Slinky: (sniff, sniff) Hey, you! This is my roof! Get out of here!

Slinky: Hello? I need some help! I don't know what to do with this girl!

Slinky: Oh crap........! Nobody wanna help me!

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