Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas Part 1

It's 10:41pm on Wednesday.
It was a VERY BUSY DAY!!!
My hubby and I celebrated Jesus' birthday with the family on the 26th(this Monday).
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)
I gotta tell you,,, I must've been a very very very good girl!
I got lots of good presents :) YAY!!

This is Christmas tree at my in-laws' and look at those presents!!!

Before we started opening the presents, we had brunch. :D

Hello, Maverick!

Of course I made these awesome hot dog pretzel :)
Thank you, Violet!

Ok!!! It's time to open the presents!!!

Lambchop was reindeer for 10 seconds :p

Maverick is so cute!

Hubby was reindeer for 3 or 4 hours :p

I got a Very She & Him Christmas record!!!
I don't like Zooey Deschanel since I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and also she was a horrible character in (500) Days of Summer.
This is the movie where I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Even thought I dislike her, I kinda like her voice when she sings.

Munchstaches!!! Everybody knows that I love mustache!

Can't wait to make these!!!


  1. oh but i love zooey! haha. & joseph. & she & him. GREAT gifts you got!!

  2. @ lina - you do? maybe I need to watch her movies or tv shows. My hubby told me that she's in tv show. I think it's called "new girl"? He wants to watch it with me but I said no.... maybe I will watch it with him :D

  3. oh i love new girl! haha. i just really like zooey so... : )
    give it a try!

  4. @ lina - my hubby told me I act like her from new girl. I almost killed him :p I will check out the show :D


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