Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flight Trampoline Park

Audrey and I had a playdate with Lisa and Porter
at the Flight Trampoline Park yesterday.
Porter is turning 22 months old soon.

I knew Audrey would be scared about being on the trampoline.
I think Audrey has a little bit of my personality.
I get scared easily. I get scared of trying/new things too.
That's why I don't blame her 
and that's why I was there holding her hands in the trampoline park yesterday :)

When I was growing up, I went to the trampoline park with my friends
and jumped for like an hour everyday in summer :)
Man, I miss that time!

I hope when we go to trampoline park next time, Audrey will be more comfortable with it.
Next time, I am going to bring my hubby
so I can jump while he is holding Audrey's hands :p

I've never been to Flight Trampoline Park.
I thought it would be slow since it was Wednesday morning 
I think maybe that's why Audrey got scared. She might have been overwhelmed.

Porter loved jumping on the trampoline :)

Look at him!! 
Audrey wasn't jumping.
Since Porter was jumping, she was being bounced. :p

 After having fun, they shared their snacks.

Then they did goodbye kisses :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snowy Weekend

It SNOWED a lot over the weekend.
Our church got cancelled and so did the bible study.
Audrey loves to sing "Do you want to build a snowman?"
(We listen to this song everyday.)
We went outside to build a snowman finally!
She was having fun at first.

Audrey tried to catch a snowflake with her tongue for the first time and it worked!!!

Then, she got scared somehow.

Snow wasn't sticking so we couldn't make a snowman.
We forced her to make a snow angel.
(Maybe that's why she was upset.)

And this is Audrey's snow angel :)

We came inside and warmed ourselves by the fire and watch "Frozen" for the first time.
We didn't get to watch the whole movie though. Somebody got cranky after an hour.

We don't have TV in our living room.
I didn't let her watch any kids video until she turned 18 month 
except when we were on the plane on the way back to the States from Korea last November 
when she was 15.5 month old. 
She was awake for 10-11 hours and slept 2-3 hours on the plane
and I was going crazy.
Luckily, Pororo was playing on the plane so I let her watch it for 10 minutes several times.

When she turned 18 month old, 
my hubby and she started watching "The Octonauts" for 10 minutes once a week.
It helps when I trim/cut Audrey's finger nails :p

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