Sunday, December 29, 2013

He is so Handsome.

Audrey and I went to the mall for Christmas shopping couple weeks ago.
There were lots of people there.
People kept saying "He is so handsome. How old is he?" "He is adorable!" "He is so cute"
HE, HE, HE, HE, HEEEE!!!!!!
They didn't even ask me if Audrey was a boy or a girl.
They just ASSUMED that Audrey was a boy!
I kept correcting people that it's not HE but I got tired of it so I just said "Thank you."

It used to drive me crazy when people thought Audrey was a boy but not anymore.
I guess I'm just so used to it.

Dear, Audrey
I'm so sorry that mama didn't correct the people who thought you were a boy.
There were so many people that kept saying it.
Please forgive me.

You know you are a girl.
I know you are a girl.
God knows you are a girl.
Grandparents, aunties and uncle know you are a girl.
We love you a lot.
That's all matters.

From now on, I will put a cute ribbon on your forehead
or put a T shirt says "I'M A GIRL" on you.

Love you.

From, Mama.



  1. aww. when i was a toddler everyone thought i was a boy and my brother a girl. and then even when we were older and made our first trip back to korea after being away for 11 years, the airline printed our tickets wrong - they wrote mr. for me and ms. for my brother. :)

    1. When I was little, I didn't have any hair. My dad always tells me how much HE HAD TO SPEND BUYING HATS FOR ME :p I hope Audrey's hair grows fast next year :) Which airline was the one who messed up with Mr. and Ms.???

    2. lol - it was korean air! :)

  2. When my brother was a baby, people always thought he was a girl!


    1. :D :D :D I'm sure he does look like a man now :D


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