Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Dinner AGAIN - Vietnamese Wrap

My hubby and I invited mom and dad(my in-laws) last night :D
We had vietnamese wrap :D
It was the first time to have them for mom and dad and they loved it.
(They had summer rolls at the vietnamese noodle restaurant though.)
I consider vietnamese wrap as a healthy food - lots of vegetables.
I made this for my hubby when we were dating like couple years ago 
and he liked it a lot too :D

(I guess I bought too many Christmas plates so I used them last night.
I guess you can call it "Christmas Dinner AGAIN". :D 

I sliced avocado, bell peppers
(I like it to be pretty so I bought orange, green, yellow and red bell peppers)
cucumber, crabmeat, radish and pineapples.
I steamed bean sprouts and fried some eggs and sliced them also.
(Slicing these took almost one and half hours.)
I made bulogi(beef) and teriyaki shrimp.
(I just bought ground beef, frozen shrimp, bulogi sauce and teriyaki sauce.
I marinated ground beef with bulogi sauce for 10 hours
and frozen shrimp with teriyaki sauce for 1 hour.)

These are the rice papers
They are crispy before you soak them in the hot water.

Soak one piece of the rice paper in the hot water for 10 - 15 seconds.
(It depends on the temperature of the water.)

Now it's very soft. Put it on the plate.

Pick whatever you want to eat.

Put them together on the soft rice paper.

Wrap it up.

Add some peanut sauce.
(or if you like spicy food, add some Sriracha with peanut sauce.)

After dinner, my hubby and dad played Janggi that my hubby bought when we were in Korea. 
He taught dad how to play last night :)

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