Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Hello, everyone!
I hope had a Merry Christmas :)
My hubby and I went over my in-laws' house to open Christmas presents yesterday.
I took 287129841897 pictures from yesterday but I got home late last night
and I had to work today.
Now my hubby and I are going to my friends' house to have dinner
so here are some sneak peek of what happened yesterday :)

Yes, of course, I baked more cupcakes :)

Look what my hubby got me! Another present!!!!!
I'm the happiest wife in the whole world :)


  1. That guitar is ADORABLE! The hubs got me a new blythe for Christmas. I need to post pics too :D

  2. @ Violet - OMG!!!! Do we have the best hubbies or what? What kind of Blythe did you get? I'm so jealous :D


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