Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre Christmas Dinner Party

Yesterday, my hubby and I hosted a pre Christmas dinner party at our place :D
We invited my in-laws, Lambchop(my in-laws' dog), Tammy and John(my hubby's older sister and her hubby) and Hope(my hubby's younger sister.)
I normally cook for 2 people but I had to cook for 7 people.
I got overwhelmed and didn't know how much the food is for 7 people.
I ended up cooking 2983298 servings which means we got tons of leftover.
My hubby and I are about to go to Tammy and John's house now 
so I can't upload the pictures from yesterday.
I will post some pictures when I get back today!
I'm uploading the picture of the dessert that I made.

Cupcake Push Pops
Have you ever made them? It was so much fun!!
I got these awesome push pop containers from here.
Everybody loved my cupcake push pops :D
If you are planning to host any types of party, this will be the best dessert :D

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