Saturday, August 27, 2011


Our friends came over to our house last night. We decided to wash the dishes this morning. 
We woke up early and did the dishes :D Go team J&A!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Our friends are coming over our house today and tomorrow.
My hubby cooks. Well, I make him cook whenever we have guest at home.  
He is a good cook. I'm a good baker.

New Girls

I got my first Middie Blythe today! YAY!
I'm super excited and so is Samsoon(She is my first Blythe doll.)!
We can't wait to open her box and give her hugs!!!

Ok. Before I open my first Middie Blythe, I need to open two other Blythe.
I got Very Vicky Blythe (on the right girl) last summer
but I haven't opened her yet. 
At least, I named her "Woori Soogie". That's how my dad calls my mama.
I got Love and More Blythe (in the middle) a month ago.
 I recently got married so I bought this for me as a wedding present. 
I should've got her before my wedding
so she could be in the wedding photo shoot!!!
I still need to name her and my Middie Blythe!!
Any suggestions?

Here is a cute video about Middie Blythe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I bought the sewing machine like 1 month ago.
My hubby set it up for me that day.
I haven't used/touched it since then.
My mama asked me,
"Is your sewing machine still on vacation?"
ARRRRR!! Can somebody teach me how to use this please??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today, I've experienced an earthquake for the first time in my life.
At first, I thought there was a construction going on right in front of my house.
My whole house and the neighbors' houses were shaking.
It was the scariest moment!!! I'm glad to hear that nobody got injured.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I will wake up extra early tomorrow.
Wait. I'm off tomorrow. Nevermind.


I love my blythe dolls. This is my 4th girl, Charlotte.
I used to bring my girls to everywhere but I've stopped doing that somehow.
I just need to get some BIG PURSE!!!

I love taking pictures of my girls with flowers.

I took her to the thrift store last summer.
It was hot inside and outside but it was so much fun!

My bridesmaids got me this awesome turntable
from Urban Outfitters! Charlotte totally loves it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I love mustache.
That's all.


I've decided to learn more about blogs
and read more books for the rest of summer.
I need to be honest with you that I've been addicted to facebook 
and I'm ready to overcome my addiction.
Wish me luck!


I've had 2 wedding ceremonies so far.
The first one was in March 16th with family members except my parents and the second one was in June 17th with family
(My parents came to attend this wedding ceremony from Korea!!) and friends. 
I've been married for 5 months from March 16th 
and I gotta say that I love every second of my newly married life.
Our third and the last one will be in Korea in fall. We are so excited!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I've started going to the thrift store a year ago. Now I'm addicted to it!!!
I went to the thrift store called "Unique Thrift Store"
and these are the ones that I got.

1. Cupcake case
I'm not sure what's it called but I love it! I can bake more cupcakes! YAY!!

2. Pepper and salt shakers
I already have the pepper and salt shakes but I love this strawberry design.
3. Strawberry tiny plates
4 of them are ONLY 99 cents!!!! I can put a soy sauce here when I eat tofu.

4. Walt Disney wall art
I can put them on my bedroom wall.
5. Stamps
They are just too cute!! They were calling my name when I was passing them. 
I could not ignore them.

6.Bill Cosby and the Greatest Hits of Walt Disney vinyl records
Bill Cosby is so funny!
My hubby and my father-in-law used to tell me Bill Cosby's stories.
Now I get to hear it from his album!!

7. Shoes
I wear size 6 and it's been challenging for me to find my size shoes
at the thrift store but I finally found a pair today. Yay!
8. In Her Shoes DVD
I watched this movie long time ago but I've wanted to watch this again
so I went to used book/dvd/cds store last week but I couldn't find it.
I was so excited when I saw this at the thrift store today.

I'd love to go to the thrift store everyday but I've decided to do that once a month
so I can organizing my house instead of keeping buying stuffs and piling them on at my house.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My sister-in-law got me a pair of Toms Pink Women's Glitters
for Christmas present last year and I love them.
This year, I bought my 2nd and 3rd Toms shoes. They make my toes happy :)

I've been baking lots of cupcakes lately 
since my hubby and I have been inviting our friends to our home.
I got this awesome mixer for the wedding present from my hubby's boss.
I got these colorful cupcakes ideas from Dainty Squid.
So pretty and so yummy!

I don't like coffee and when I drink it, I put lots of sugar
and gotta use a pretty mug like this one.

I got this gun ice tray and I feel like I'm a superhero!!
Bang! Bang! Bang!!!

I've started to collecting bottles.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is my favorite one.
I've lost a battle with sodas lately. Yes, I've had some sodas!!! Please go away, sodas!!!


My first ddalki diary in digital.
I did couple of ddalki diary in January and that was the last time.
I need to stop being lazy!
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