Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas Part 2

I love that Christmas presents are getting piled up :)

Told you everybody knows that I love mustache :p

Oh, Maverick, Maverick!

My awesome hubby got me another awesome Christmas present!
OMG!!! I've been practicing a little bit.
My dad(father-in-law) is a great guitar player 
so he's gonna teach me how to play guitar :) :) :)  
I'm not good at it right now 
but as long as I practice everyday, I hope I will be like my dad someday :)

The more I see Maverick, the more I want a puppy!

We had tons of dessert too :)

We sang some Christmas songs while my dad was playing guitar :)

I had some rum eggnog :) Wow!! I want this everyday!

We played some boardgames :)

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