Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple Bibimbap

My hubby and I invited our parents(in-law) and had some Bibimbap party tonight.
Have you ever tried it?
Bibimbap that we ate was really simple.
Normally you will need namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) for Bibimbap 
but this time, we only used a bag of salad.
If you would like to make one, here is how to make it.

You will need: a bag of salad, cooked rice, a fried egg, pepper paste and sesame oil.
I bought this pepper paste and this is for Bibimbap.
I think you can use regular pepper paste which we call "Gochujang" in Korea.

1. Fry an egg.

2. Put the rice with vegetables.(The amounts is up to you.)

3. Put the fried egg on the top of the rice.

4. Add some pepper paste and a half spoon of sesame oil. 
(Make sure to start with small amount of pepper paste 
and add more of pepper paste as needed.) 

5. Mix them well and enjoy it!


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