Monday, February 13, 2012

Over the Weekend

One of local pet store near our house, they had some cute puppies there.
I almost wanted this puppy instead of a kitty, but this little fella costs $1,100.
He was so cute but we didn't wanna spend that much money!

Have you ever been to Pei Wei?
My old condo used to be near Pei Wei so I used to go there a lot.
My hubby took me to Pei Wei to cheer me up since I couldn't find a kitty that I wanted.
(it was before we went to animal shelter.)

Gamja original name is Ginger.

There was this cute decoration at the animal shelter :)

After the animal shelter, my hubby and I went to Petco near our house.
We had to prepare everything before Gamja got home.
I wanted to buy PINK collar for Gamja but my hubby wanted to get black or blue one since Gamja is a boy.
We ended up getting a white collar that protects Gamja from fleas.

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