Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's Super Bowl Sunday.
Believer or not, I don't like football.(I never like it.)

To Super Bowl Fans,
It's your day! Enjoy it!


  1. hey, jane!
    i'm with you... i've never been a fan of football, but my hubby watches it all the time. i do like to eat yummy food and gather with my family and friends during super bowl though. :)

    happy sunday!


    1. Haha! Yes, I like the food that you eat at super bowl party :p
      Oh, and I like commercials between the games :p
      Happy Sunday to you too, Jas!

  2. The only thing I liked about the Superbowl this year was that it was in my home town. Which meant TONS of fun stuff was going on. Like every celeb and their mother was in town. It was really neat seeing soooo many celebs in your own backyard :P

  3. Sweet! Did you get to see your favorite celebs?
    Were they seriously in your ow backyard???


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