Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!!
My awesome hubby got me this cutest kitty for Valentine's Day :)
We've named him "Gamja". It means potato in Korean :)
My mama loves potatoes and this kitty has the potato color :p

My hubby and I went to 6 different pet stores on Saturday morning.
We couldn't or, should I say "I COULDN'T" find the kitty that I wanted.
I almost gave up.
We grabbed lunch and on the way back, we saw animal shelter.
Somehow, I thought they were closed on Saturday but they were opened.
We went in and we saw Gamja and his brother there.
I wanted to keep both kitties but I wasn't sure I could handle 2 kitties.
I felt bad and still bad that I had to separate them though :/
They are both 5 months old and since Gamja has short hair, we picked him.
I hope that Gamja's brother will find home soon.
We couldn't bring Gamja home since he wasn't fixed.
He went to vet and they did a surgery on him this morning.
I just picked him up after work today :) :) :)
He's been purring since we've brought him home :D :D :D


  1. This little potato is the best girt ever :)
    My boyfriend nickname in intimacy is "little potato" and it isn't becouse his colour is like a potato, ;P , but just becouse in italian it is a lovely nickname :)
    Your cat is so lovely and sweet <3<3<3<3


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