Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby!!

I'm still uncomfortable with breast feeding in public.
I bought a breast feeding cover but I feel like I just wasted my money.
I can easily cover with any blanket.
It's not like I'm committing the crime but I feel like I should be somewhere alone to breast feed.
I'm planning to breast feed until July when Audrey turns 1 year old :)

Yes. We love to wear the matching outfits :p

This lady has been teething.
She's grabbing anything she can.
Then they go into her mouth straight away and she starts chewing!

She's been chewing her fingers like crazy lately.

I use the cloth diapers but normally use disposable diapers when we go out since they are easy.
They get wet. You just throw them away.
I mean cloth diapers are not that difficult. 
You just have to wash them every other day. 
(I guess it depends on how many cloth diapers you have though.)

I would like to use cloth diapers when we go out more often.
Sometimes, Audrey goes crazy when her cloth diapers are wet
but also sometimes, she doesn't care if they are wet or not.
It really depends on her mood.

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