Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Card Picture Day

We went to Picture People to take a family portrait for our Christmas cards this year.
One of my friends got this cute dress for Audrey :D
We wanted to do the family portrait outside but since it's December, 
we've decided to do it inside this year.
Maybe next year, we will do it outside.
Plus she will be walking by then :) 

Audrey wasn't thrilled to be in the pictures(I guess she got that from her mama :p) unfortunately.
Oh well…
At least, she wasn't crying whole time.
I wish she smiled since the photographer was trying her best to make Audrey laugh 
and take pictures at the same time 
but Audrey was just staring at the camera.
There were only couple pictures of her smiling but I look either fat or stupid on those pictures
so we are NOT going to use that picture for our Christmas card of this year.
Sorry, Audrey!

 After the photoshoot, Alex and I got really hungry so we went to Chick-fil-a.
Guess what they have now?
They were super yummy!


  1. how fun! and i'm sure you don't look bad in those pictures!! :)


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