Friday, December 6, 2013

3 Things that I'm in Love at this Moment

1. These adorable shoes
My sister, Tammy who is also a wonderful designer, mom, daughter, and sister 
made these adorable shoes for Audrey.
She gave me these shoes when we had a baby shower.
(You do remember the strawberry themed baby shower back in June, right?)
It's getting cold and Audrey is getting bigger and so are her feet!
I put these shoes on her feet and YAY!! THEY FIT!!
Thank you for the awesome gift, Tammy!

2. Reading time with Audrey.
I've started reading couple books to Audrey lately.
I started with cloth books :)
Since she can't sit by herself, I found holding a paper book and laying down next to her was too much.
Cloth books are light and I don't mind Audrey chewing them either :p

3. Going for a walk with Audrey 
I've started going back to gym since the start of December.
The child care at my gym does child care for the babies who are over 3 months old for a hour.
I could've gone to gym starting November but Audrey was still young 
and I couldn't figure out when is the best time to bring her in.
(I'm still not sure when is the best time to bring her in but I do my best to figure it out.)
Last Sunday, Alex and I went to gym with Audrey.
We worked out for an hour and we picked her up and came home.
Yesterday, I went to the gym with Audrey.
I worked out for an hour and picked her up and we went to grocery store.
Ladies at the child care told me that she did well but she got fussy when I was about to pick her up.
Going back to the gym makes me feel happy and healthy.
I went for a walk and took Audrey with me.
I walked about 40 minutes. :)
Audrey seemed to have a good time too :)
Today, I went to the gym with Audrey and she didn't cry the whole time!!! :D
I met up with my neighbor who had a baby 5 weeks ago and went for a walk
with Audrey and her baby.
It was so much fun :D


  1. wow they offer childcare at the gym? that's so great! yangkyu and i are hitting the gym starting today. this should be fun... or not. :)

    1. Yes. They do. I only drop her off for an hour though. Audrey needs to be 6 months old so they can watch her over an hour at the gym. Good luck today! You can do it!!


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