Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December!!

 Happy December, everyone!
I can't believe that only one month left till 2014!! 

My hubby and I took Audrey to 2nd & Charles today.
We had some books and DVDs that we don't use anymore so we sold them there.

We got Audrey a book :D Hope she likes it!

My hubby picked Mars by Ben Bova.
I picked Fireproof.
We picked My Very First Book of Colors for Audrey :)

After 2nd & Charles, we headed to Target to get some Christmas decorations.
I think Audrey is teething. She's been playing with her tongue and drooling a lot lately!

My hubby wanted to pick up a really tree but I had a fake tree already
and plus I didn't want to kill another innocent tree :/
We bought a real tree and I really liked the smell of it last year
but we decided to use my fake tree this year.
(or should I say "I forced my hubby to keep my fake tree this year" :p)
 We came home and put Christmas tree and put the ornaments :D
This is my favorite ornament of this year :)

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