Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'm in Love with NATTO :D

Have you had Natto before?
My hubby and I have had it for a week 
and I'm not sure what my hubby thinks of it
To be honest with you, I did not like it at first
but I found some awesome recipes and I eat Natto everyday :)

I went to H Mart(Asian grocery store) last week and this week
and got some Natto based on the package design.
Wish I could read Japanese though :/

Here are my favorite Natto recipes so far.
Hope you will like them :)

1. Natto + Curry with brown rice

2. Natto Toast
-Butter the bread and put Natto mixed with honey 

3. Natto + Kimchi + Shredded Salted Dried Seaweed
(This is my No.1 Natto recipe!!)

I fed Audrey Natto with rice once 
and she did not like it.
I used to give her Banana Tofu Shake(banana + tofu + warm milk) 
every monring but now I give her Banana Natto Shake every morning.
I put Natto instead of tofu in her shake and she still drinks it :)
Go, Audrey! Go, Natto!

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