Saturday, August 25, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

I finally did it!
I've seen this project on the web so many times.
I did it and loved it!
I found my favorite set of instruction here.

Here are what you will need.
crayons, canvas, glue sticks, a hot glue gun and hair dryer

Gamja was a not so good helper :p

1. Organize the crayons.

2. Glue the crayons to the canvas using hot glue gun.

3. Put an object under the edge to hold the canvas tilted.

4. Use the hair dryer to heat the craynons.
(I used the medium setting on my hair dryer.
Make sure that you put paper on the bottom and on the sides
so the melted crayons won't ruin your furniture or carpet.)

5. Be proud of yourself!
Clap! Clap! Clap!


  1. I love the colours! It looks so fun! I might try this XD

  2. this is sooo awesome!!! very nice jane!
    also, i got your amazing package when i came home last night! it came a couple of days ago i think. my mom texted me & said i had a package from jane :) i'll be working on yours! THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you, Lina :)
      I'm so glad that you got them. Hope you liked them :)
      Happy Sunday, Lina!

  3. it looks awesome! I'd love to try this :)

  4. hi Jane! you have a really cute blog. My husband (before he was my husband) worked in Korea teaching English :-) He worked in Andong.
    ps: we're having a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited!

    1. Katie! Thank you for the sweet comment!
      Your husband lived in Korea? How sweet?
      Thank you for inviting me to your giveaway! I will definitely check it out!

  5. Oh this project is so cool. At work the other day we were letting customers make them for free, so fun!

  6. I've missed this post! This is such a brilliant DIY, Jane! :)


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