Friday, August 17, 2012

Gamja, iMac and the Bourne Legacy

Gamja has been very playful lately.

I want to get a new bed for him.
His current bed is getting smaller...

Have I mentioned that I moved my iMac to living room area?
Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor and living is on the 1st floor.
1st floor is cooler than 2nd floor so I like having my iMac on the 1st floor.
It does look very crowded though..

We watched The Bourne Legacy last Sunday.
Personally, I like Matt Damon than Jeremy Renner.
I had no idea why Edward Norton(He is a huge part of reason why I wanted to watch this movie!) wants Jeremy Renner to be killed/dead.
When we came home, We ordered Chinese food and started watching the bourne trilogy.


  1. Your record player is so cute!!


    1. Thank you, Eeka :)
      It was my wedding gift from my bridesmaids :)

  2. Your kitty is cute! love the color of your walls!!
    xo sandra

    1. Thank you, Sandra :) My hubby and I painted the wall and it wasn't my favorite moment :p


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