Friday, August 3, 2012


I've always loved CSI:Las Vegas.
I don't like seeing blood, stabbing or dead bodies on TV but I like CSI.
My favorite characters are Gil Grissom and Nick Stokes.
I think I like these characters so much so I can deal with the violent scenes :p


  1. hey jane. very cute illustration. :) you're really talented. i love CSIs... but haven't seen the LV one. sorry, could you send me your 170 by 80 button again? i deleted your email by accident... sorry! have a great wknd! i'll def. send you mine.. what size did you need again?

    have a great wknd, jane.
    ADAM ❤ ALEX Mommy

    1. Hi, Jas. Thank you for the sweet comment!
      I just sent you an email about the button swap info :)
      Hope you have a good weekend!


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