Friday, July 13, 2012

When I Receive a Box....

One of my favorite online stores is ModCloth.
I haven't bought any clothes from there but I love their "Apartment" and
"Bags & Accessories" section.

Every time I see a box in front of my house, I scream like a little girl!
(I get disappointed when I check the box and it was for my hubby
but I'm happy to see him screaming like a little boy :p) 

When I got home from post office today, I saw THE BOX.
I brought the box inside of my house and Gamja got all curious about the box!

This black dog is Jack. He's my hubby's co-worker's dog.
He and his family are on vacation so we are dog-sitting Jack for a week.

Gamja and Jack have become good friends :)

Come on now, Gamja.
Get off the box! I WANNA OPEN IT!!


  1. awww this is cute! i wanna know what you got!! gamja & jack are so cute! i love that they are friends : )

    1. Thank you, lina! Jack's owner picked up Jack today though...
      My hubby and I got Gamja a new catnip toy so he's been playing with it all day so far :)


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