Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures from my Travel Camera

Here are more pictures from my Travel Camera
Jack likes Esmerelda's hair.

I seriously need to brush Esmerelda's hair.

I miss Jack.

When I first used this camera, I got confused and hold the wrong size
which means I took pictures of myself without knowing it!
(I also realized that I look so intense when I take pictures :p)


  1. Conditioner mixed with water is really good for combing the hair of dolls.

    1. Thank you for the info! I need to do that with my girls' hair :D

  2. so cool! we love toy cameras (and any other film and instant cameras), too! We post about them every Monday on our blog. You can find them if you look at label "lomography" !
    we also have a travel toy, like your dolls! It's Michael TheMonkey. He used to have his own blog about his travels (there are posts from Korea as well!) but recently he doesn't write there.. he's on a break :-) it's at

    1. Oh!! You post about toy cameras every Monday? That's awesome!
      I will check your husband website too :)
      Thank you for the info!


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