Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Pictures from Golden Half Camera Part 1

It was so hot and I forgot to bring a hat or fan with me on the 4th of July!
When we got off from metro in DC, there were people who were giving out these awesome fans!
Thank you so much!

There were lots of police officers in DC.
I got this limeade for $4(I think it's way too expensive!).

The festival wasn't that great as I'd expected.
Plus it was so HOT!!
Thank God for the free water!

We went to National Museum of American History to get some cool air 
and of course, the line for the museum was long!
People couldn't bring their drinks so they had to leave them outside!

While we were at the museum, we got to see the Star-Spangled Banner.
I didn't know what it was so my personal history teacher, my hubby explained about it to me.
Sorry that I couldn't take a picture of it. 
It's said "No Photography in this exhibition." 


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    1. Thank you, Helena :D
      I did had a good and memorable time in DC :)


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