Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My hubby used to ride his motorcycle a lot.
When I was getting married to him, I told him that he would need to sell his motorcycle after the wedding.
One of my church friends got killed 2 years ago.
He was riding his motorcycle and on his way to pick up his girlfriend to see a movie together one night.
He stopped at a red right but the person who was behind him didn't see him.
My friend got hit by a car and was thrown off the motorcycle, he died after he was sent to hospital that night.
I know that my hubby is a good motorcycle rider
but what if people with a big cars on the road don't see him riding the motorcycle?

After one year of being married, he finally sold his motorcycle this summer.
He gets sad and misses his motorcycle sometimes.....
and this is what I tell him......

(I used a picture of Harley Davidson from here.)

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