Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thrift Shopping is ALWAYS Fun!!!

I went to thrift shopping yesterday and today.
I found out about thrift shopping/stores 2 years ago 
and love to find new thrift stores and browse them :)

I went to The Village Thrift Store today.
I love there since they have clothes organized(by size, by color, by style) 
and plus they have several fitting rooms :)

Whenever I go to thrift shopping, I get tempted to get cups!! 
They are too pretty but I have tons of cups at home :/

I always love to check out dolls section  :)

Oh my jeans....!!!!

 My favorite part is vintage dress section!

Look what I found today! YAY!!!
I will post what I bought yesterday and today sometime soon :)


  1. awesome jane! i love love thrifting. can't wait to see what you got : )

    1. Yes! I've been looking for a pair of cowboy boots but I'm having a hard time to find one!!
      Wish me luck!!! I will post what I got sometime this week :)
      Thank you, lina :D


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