Monday, September 2, 2013

Dealing with a Newborn Baby

My camera and phone are filled with Audrey's pictures!!!
I love taking pictures of her and looking at the pictures :D
It makes me smile!
Raising a baby is harder than I'd expected.
I'm a new mom and Audrey is new to this world.
Sometimes, I get frustrated and even get depressed.
I'm thankful that I get great support from Alex, my parents and my friends!
Thank you so much!

I'm trying to stay positive with dealing with fussy/screaming/crying/colicky baby
but sometimes, it's hard.
I really wish that all the babies come with their own manual.

For example, when Audrey cries and here are some possible reasons.
- She is hungry.
- Her diaper is wet.
- She wants to get held.
- She wants an attention from us.
- She is sick.
- She is uncomfortable.
- She just wants to cry.
I have to figure out why she cries and it sometimes take long for me to find out.
I guess it will get better soon and that's what everybody keeps telling me.

Looking at her pictures make me want to be better mom :)

I can literally hear her screaming by looking at this picture! 

She is so funny when she stretches while she is sleeping :)
Looks like she is dancing :p

Shake it! Shake it!

She is an angel when she is sleeping.
When she is not sleeping and crying, she is just a cranky baby :p


  1. so cuuuteee... omg it's been long since the last time I visited the blogsphere and when I'm back woooo Audrey is here!!! Welcome to the world little baby! Auntie is sorry she is late *kiss* x) she is so cute~!!! ^^ and lol @ the shake it shake it haha~ she's born a dancer then? ;)


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