Friday, September 6, 2013

Audrey Misses Her Grandpa!

It's been a week since my dad went back to Korea.
He stayed with us almost 50 days.
He was the best babysitter I've ever known.

My parents let me and Alex sleep in the morning 
when we had to stay up late dealing with colicky Audrey.
They went for a walk with Audrey so Audrey could get some fresh air 
while Alex and I were sleeping/relaxing at home.
Having my parents(My mom will stay with me, Alex and Audrey until the end of November :D)
after Audrey was born was so helpful to us.

We almost skype with my dad almost everyday :)
My dad misses us all and we miss him too.
We hope to see each other soon.

Here are some pictures of my dad and Audrey :)

See? Audrey says "Grandpa! I miss you this much! Please come and see me again soon!"


  1. so cute! How nice that he was able to stay so long with you

    1. It was so nice to have the whole family :D We do miss him though :/

  2. Your dad looks so happy. And the last picture of Audrey is so cute! :)

    1. Thank you, Jane unnie.
      She is getting cuter and cuter everyday :D


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