Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How I Spent My Anniversary Part. 1

It was our 2nd anniversary on Monday.
We decided to celebrate our anniversary with mom by picking some berries.
I wished we could have gone strawberry picking but the season was over :/
Maybe next year we will bring Toro with us to pick strawberries:)
We went to Eagletree Farm to pick some blueberries :)
It was my first time to pick blueberries so I was super excited.
I'd never seen blueberry trees before!

We called Eagletree Farm to make sure that they were opened before we left home.
The lady from Eagletree Farm told us only 30% of the blueberries were ripe.
They are pink before they are ripe.
I love PINKBERRIES! Look at those colors!!! 

It was my mama's first time picking blueberries too :)
She seemed like she enjoyed it!

It looks like the blueberries will be ripe 100% this weekend :D


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