Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello, Again Lancaster, PA Part 1

Yes! We went to Lancaster, PA again!!
This time, my mama joined us :)
When we got there, it was raining.
It wasn't that bad. At least, it wasn't 90 degrees :p

My hubby wanted to go to the Pretzel Factory last time but we couldn't go
so we decided to go to the Intercourse Pretzel Factory for our first stop :)

While we were looking around, I asked myself
"Why in the world do I have gestational diabetes again?"
I wanted to get these chocolate covered pretzels but I behaved.

Raspberry yogurt covered pretzels were my favorite :)

One of the fun parts was when we got to make our own pretzel.
The store policy was they will throw the pretzels that you make
but it was fun to see and learn how to make them :)

We went to Sight and Sound Theatre to watch "Noah".
One of my friends told me about this show and we were so glad that we watched it.
It was the best show ever!
If you are planning to go to Lancaster, PA, I strongly suggest you check out the shows at the Sight and Sound Theatre.

The theatre doesn't let you take a picture while the show is on.
I took this picture before the shower started.


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