Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Visiting Poppy and Baboo in OH

This is in front of Poppy's house.
I thought Poppy did this since his name is Billy too.
He told me he didn't do it.
I guess whoever did this has a same name as Poppy :)

Poppy had tickets for a Pancake Cake event :)
That's where we had our brunch and we really had a good time.

This fascinating painting is in downtown in Bowling Green, OH.

Whenever we visit Poppy, we always go to Grounds for Thought.
Apparently, they have the best coffee.
(I don't drink coffee and that's why I said "Apparently".)

Alex got a cup of coffee and I got a cup of hot chocolate.

Poppy bought a boat and he named after Baboo.
I told Alex and he could get a motorcycle and name it "Jane" after me
when I pass away later.

Poppy made spaghetti for dinner and Alex and I helped him to prepare it :)
It was the best spaghetti ever! Thank you, Poppy!

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