Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Maumee Antique Mall in OH

While Alex and I were visiting poppy, we got to go to Maumee Antique Mall.
On our way to Poppy's house, 
we stopped by at the rest area and Alex spotted a brochure about this place.
Personally, I thought it was really sweet of Alex 
who picked up the brochure to show me :) 
He knows what I like!

If you happen to go near Maumee and if you love thrift/antique stores, 
I strongly recommend you to check out this place.
You will thank me later.
(You are welcome!)

Abbie was excited about this place too :) YAY!

I love Precious Moments!!!


  1. Oh I loove! I think I may just have to go to Ohio to visit this place :)

    1. Let's go together :)
      It's gonna be a fun road trip!!

  2. I want those Pepsi bottles!



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