Thursday, November 1, 2012

Package from Lina

One of my blog friend, Lina asked me if I would like to exchange gift packages.
I had never done that before so I told her that I would love to do that :)
I sent her the first package last month.
(You can check out what I sent her here.)
She sent me her package and I got it yesterday :)

She wrote me a card.
I'm gonna have some these jelly beans for my sweet tooth tonight :)
Don't worry. I'm gonna floss, brush my teeth and use mouthwash before I go to bed.

She knows that I'm into kitties!!!

She also sent me this grow your own crystal tree kit for some scientific fun :)
She sent me some pills to place in some warm water too!!
I'm so so so excited!!

 She sent me star hair pins(I LOVE LOVE LOVE STARS!!).

Thank you so much for the awesome package, Lina!

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