Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gamja loves Tigger!

I think Gamja has found his cuddle buddy, tigger.
He likes to cuddle with me when it's cold.
He leaves me alone when it's not cold.

I caught him cuddling and sleeping next to Tigger the other day.
Well, my hubby was sleeping and he settled in my hubby's armpit.
Next thing I know is there was Tigger near my hubby 
and Gamja was holding Tigger and sleeping next to Tigger :)

It was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
I'm so glad that I have a cat.
(He's 8 months old so I don't think he's a kitty anymore. sniff. sniff.)


  1. these are the most adorable pics of gamja, jane! :)

  2. Ok, that is probably the cutest thing I'll see all day. Awwwwee, cats are so great.


  3. ahhh gamja is so cute! thank you for posting updates about him.. I wish my parents let me adopt a cat one day :(

    1. Thank you, Helena.
      My parents didn't let me have any pet except the goldfish.
      Now I'm married and my hubby and I decided to have a kitty together :)


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