Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The Avengers is coming!
Before I met my hubby, I wasn't into Super Hero movie(like superman, batman, spiderman, iron man and etc.).
After I met my hubby, I started watching those movies.
After I got married, I'm into those movies.
I hadn't watch Thor or The Incredible Hulk(I like Edward Norton!) 
and since The Avengers is coming this week,
my hubby bought Thor and Hulk DVDs and we watched them this week.

Recently, I've asked my hubby if he can share his childhood story.
He told me that he was in computer lab when he was 2nd grade.
All the kids had to type some sentences.
He was typing and all of a sudden, he couldn't remember how to spell "the".
T+H+E does not sound "the", you know?
He said he asked his friend who was sitting next to him.

When I heard this story, I laughed so hard :p
I can totally imagine my hubby being 2nd grade and having a curious face.
"Hmmmmm... Duh? Dua? Thuh? Theo? Thuu?"

My hubby is Mor(monkey+Thor) and of course, I'm Ddoki(Ddalki+Loki) :p


  1. you guys or too cute! haha! we'll be watching the avengers tomorrow. i'm so excited. :)

    1. Haha! Thank you :D YAY!!!!
      We are gonna watch it on Friday :)
      So excited!!!

  2. teehee this picture of thor is GREAT!!!
    i can't wait for the avengers

    1. Thank you, Hannah :D :D :D
      The avengers! Here we come!!

  3. monkey thor omgomgomgomg <3


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