Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I've started going to the thrift store a year ago. Now I'm addicted to it!!!
I went to the thrift store called "Unique Thrift Store"
and these are the ones that I got.

1. Cupcake case
I'm not sure what's it called but I love it! I can bake more cupcakes! YAY!!

2. Pepper and salt shakers
I already have the pepper and salt shakes but I love this strawberry design.
3. Strawberry tiny plates
4 of them are ONLY 99 cents!!!! I can put a soy sauce here when I eat tofu.

4. Walt Disney wall art
I can put them on my bedroom wall.
5. Stamps
They are just too cute!! They were calling my name when I was passing them. 
I could not ignore them.

6.Bill Cosby and the Greatest Hits of Walt Disney vinyl records
Bill Cosby is so funny!
My hubby and my father-in-law used to tell me Bill Cosby's stories.
Now I get to hear it from his album!!

7. Shoes
I wear size 6 and it's been challenging for me to find my size shoes
at the thrift store but I finally found a pair today. Yay!
8. In Her Shoes DVD
I watched this movie long time ago but I've wanted to watch this again
so I went to used book/dvd/cds store last week but I couldn't find it.
I was so excited when I saw this at the thrift store today.

I'd love to go to the thrift store everyday but I've decided to do that once a month
so I can organizing my house instead of keeping buying stuffs and piling them on at my house.

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