Friday, August 26, 2011

New Girls

I got my first Middie Blythe today! YAY!
I'm super excited and so is Samsoon(She is my first Blythe doll.)!
We can't wait to open her box and give her hugs!!!

Ok. Before I open my first Middie Blythe, I need to open two other Blythe.
I got Very Vicky Blythe (on the right girl) last summer
but I haven't opened her yet. 
At least, I named her "Woori Soogie". That's how my dad calls my mama.
I got Love and More Blythe (in the middle) a month ago.
 I recently got married so I bought this for me as a wedding present. 
I should've got her before my wedding
so she could be in the wedding photo shoot!!!
I still need to name her and my Middie Blythe!!
Any suggestions?

Here is a cute video about Middie Blythe.

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