Saturday, January 5, 2013

Potato Tuna Sandwich

I was on the phone with mama and she gave me an easy recipe :)
it's called Potato Tuna Sandwich.

These are the ingredients you will need.

1. Wear the ski goggles and chop the onion.

2. Smash the potatoes.

3. Put the chopped onion and smashed potatoes in a bowl 
then add the canned tuna.

4. Crush the boil egg and add the egg to the mixture.

5. Put the mustard, mayo, ketchup and sweet relish.
(You can add as much as you want but I suggest you to put little by little and keep tasting it until you get satisfied.)

6. Mix it well.

I put a slice of cheese on the bread and spread the mixture on as well.
Enjoy it!

(Personally, I'm not a huge fan of raw onion.
Next time, I will grill the onion first.)


  1. This looks like something similar to what my mom makes sometimes. It looks good. Not a big fan of onions either.

    1. Yeah, I'm gonna put less onions next time :)

  2. Yum~ I actually love raw onions so much (my husband looks at me wide eyed because I love them so much!) I like this recipe!

    1. I only like grilled onions or onion-ring(yangpa ring, Korean snacks) :)


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