Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I Got from Doll Show

Do you remember that I went to the Doll Show?
I did a Blythe post about it too :)

These are the things I got from there :)
I didn't bring enough cash but luckily brought my checkbook :p

I used to have lots of paper dolls when I was little.
These particular paper dolls remind me of me, Alex, and Gamja
(even though I'm not Caucasian.)

Look at the puppy!!
I love the little girl's outfits :) They are so adorable!

Ok. These one suits are my favorite.
Look at the kitty! That's Gamja!

I got Alice in Wonderland too :)
I got these paper dolls (Best friends and Alice in Wonderland) from a sweet old lady and she even gave me a discount. I only paid her $5 for these!

I bought these girls since Halloween is coming.
Aren't they lovely?

I love Heidi!!! I had to buy her clothes and shoes too since they are adorable!

This is my favorite one that I got from doll show!!

Kewpie doll!!! He is so so so so so so so CUTE!!

Now I can put my Kewpie doll with my sonny angels :)


  1. i love them all! that kewpie doll is so perfect. what a great find.

    1. Thank you, Jesse! I feel so lucky that I found that kewpie doll :)
      Hope you are safe!


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