Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shopping Day

I love shopping at thrift stores but I also love shopping at the department store/outlet malls :)
I guess I LOVE SHOPPING in general :p

I love thrift stores because they have some vintage clothes and cheaper
but I can't find the pretty pairs of shoes with my size(either 6 ot 6.5) there.

I love malls since they are NEW and easy to find my size.

I went to outlet mall and got some cute shoes, dresses, earrings, rings and some tights.

Of course, Gamja was super curious about my new stuffs :)

Gamja was like "Which one is for me, mama?"

When I saw these earrings at H&M, they reminded me of....

My Gamja!!

I got some cute rings from Forever 21.

I got a new pairs of shoes from H&M


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they?
      I'm gonna wear them today!!!

  2. lovely founds :D thank you for your super kind comment on my post, what do u do when you're on teen age? hang out with friends too like what i do? :D

    gamja is soo adorable! I wish I could meet Gamja one day XD

    1. Thank you, Helena :) I think I only have couple friends that I hung out when I was a teenager :/
      plus I went to girls middle school and girls high school so I really hated to go to school where is filled with girls!!! :p


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