Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Canada Trip Part 1

Canada trip was so much fun.
Wish I could go there again. We went to Ontario this time.
Next time when we go, we hope to go to Montreal by PLANE!

We had breakfast at McDonald's(My daddy loves McDonald's).
Do you see that the maple leaf? 
I love it!

It was my first time to see 2 lines for drive-thru!
Do you have this is your town?

Near my parents' friends' house, there is "Jane Street".
I love Canada!

We went to Black Creek Pioneer Village and saw some old houses.

I got this delicious maple syrup candy from the gift shop :)


  1. Awesome pictures! I live 2 hours from Montreal in Vermont :)

  2. Ah.. I wish to travel to Canada someday!

    1. It was fun and I think you will like it!


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