Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy Weekend

My hubby and I had busy weekend.
On Friday, we went to To Sok Jib, my favorite Korean restaurant(They have the best fish ever!).
I love these side dishes!

I had grilled cutlassfish with Doenjang jjigae!

Then we went to Breeze to get some bubble teas.
My hubby got honeydew bubble tea and I got yogurt bubble tea.
On Friday night, we invited my cousin and his friends and we had dinner at our house.
We cooked Samgyeopsal and some mushrooms for me :) 

On Saturday, we've decided to walk Gamja for the first time!

He looked very curious :p

We even put his feet in my boots :p

We had a relaxing day on Sunday morning and afternoon.
We took a nap and went to my hubby's co-worker's good bye party.
It's 9:54 and I think daylight saving makes me tired already :p


  1. your photos made me hungry! they look so good, jane! also went to a Korean resto the other day. it was my first time and i loved it. :)

    1. I'm glad that you loved it :D :D :D YAY!!


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