Saturday, September 17, 2011

DC Date

On Thursday, I had a date with my hubby in DC.
It was cloudy and cool(It's fall already!!) and rained a little bit later on.
That's why the pictures looks so dark and gloomy.

Fighting for non- violence sign. It reminds me of Captain America.

Serious bunny. Not sure what the bunny was thinking about at that moment.

Since I brought another camera with my, my hubby got to take some pictures with my main camera.
He took a picture of me taking pictures of Blythe doll.

I don't know the name of these flowers but would love to have some in my yard.

Of course, we visited the White House and saw the sniper on the roof!
National World War II Memorial.This is one of my favorite picture that my hubby took. 

Even though I've lived in Northern VA, this was my first time to go to Korean War Veterans Memorial.
There were lots of veterans here. Thank you to all the veterans that have fought.

This almost made me cry.

Two flags. Thank you!!

Washington Monument. My hubby took this picture!

Lincoln Memorial. My hubby took this picture too. So proud of him!

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