Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alexandria Festival of the Arts 2011

I went to Old Town Alexandria with my hubby over the weekend to see Alexandria Festival of the Arts 2011.
The last time when we were here was 2 years ago.
It was packed this time also and we got to see lots of interesting artists.

We missed the finish piece :(

We had lunch at King Street Blues. The decorations(sculptures) inside were super awesome!

Blues! Blues! Blues!

A cute motorcyclist!

We visited a vintage store and I wanted to get a pair of cowboy boots but couldn't find my size.
They had some adorable sunglasses!!

I heart Old Town Alexandria.

We also went to the Spice and Tea Exchange of Alexandria and got some awesome spices for tofu.
Yes, Of course. We got the Korea BBQ flavor too!

This was my favorite. I wanted them all but we got one clock. 
Can you guess which one we got?

We saw some funny signs at Christmas Store.

Hee came with us and I'm sure she had a good day in Old Town Alexandria.
Happy birthday Jin-Hee :D

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